Revenge of the Pathlete


This morning, I was riding to work on my grocery getter fixie, with a bunch of stuff in the basket, a backpack on, and listening to some sweet tunes. A guy came up on me, hugged my wheel for a bit, then blew past me, no call out and then pressed on, all hunkered down against the morning headwind, in a full riding kit and tri bars. It made me laugh, thinking about this recent articlefrom drunbkcyclist. Sure, that one was more about ‘mocking the aggressive riders and yet also being frustrated that age was taking its toll on fitness level, but eff you anyway, poser’… but it still applied.

In this case, it wasn’t that the guy was all in the zone and sprinting and all this. It was that he drafted me for awhile then shot around me and raced ahead. It was kind of funny. I’m the first to admit I like to push myself on the bike when I’m in the mood. And I like to chase down riders for sport, success or failure not being a critical part of the calculus. But these days, I’m more often in cargo shorts and a collared shirt, on a fixed gear, possibly with a child, a melon, or both, on the bike. And funny thing, I’m having precisely the same amount of fun.

So nice kit, guy. Hope you won that race with yourself, and that drafting me up the little hill there made all the difference.

PS in the photo above, the rider is using poor form as the helmet is working against them. I see that quite often on bike path warriors wearing effing aero helmets.


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